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Virtual Conferences & Events

VCE is a brand new, tailor-made power solution for virtual or hybrid events, workshops and webinars. Features include a multi-layered agenda structure, multimedia and the parallel use of rooms.

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Virtual Events: The next step

What's the innovation and added value?

Comprehensive agenda structure

VCE offers significantly more than conventional video meetings. The agenda’s structure and feel is very close to “real” events and offers extensive features.

Parallel storylines

Our virtual events can include centre stage segments (lectures, keynotes), mixed formats (panels, Q&As), live or pre-recorded streams, as well as group rooms (workshops, breakout sessions).

Maximum flexibility

Any event type can be purely virtual or a hybrid format. It is ideal for reacting to current developments and addressing a broad, international audience.

A new kind of event

Game Changer

VCE picks up where conventional video meetings eventually fall flat: It is safer, offers more features and works both on its own and as a virtual companion, once attending physical events becomes an option again. But the most important thing: Instead of being confined to the limits of video meeting formats and adapting to pre-selected options, there is now a platform that adapts to your needs instead.

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All devices

Browser-based and ready for all types of digital devices.


Your branding, your CI and your agenda: a personalised event experience.

Safe & easy

GDPR-compliant, easy onboarding and registration of participants.


Options for chat, video or external plugins (i.e. whiteboards) & more.

Ideal for…

VCE is a custom service product, which will be set up and branded for your event. There are basically no limits to the possible uses.

Hybrid events of every kind

Virtual conferences & live events

Product presentations & industry showcases

Campaign launches & virtual press events

Workshops (commercial as well as in-house)

Panels at conferences, trade fairs, etc.

Webinars with an extended structure and agenda

Remote onboarding & trainings

Annual meetings (virtual or hybrid)