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Virtual Content Experience


Our custom-made 360 Virtual Content Experience (ViCE360) is a high end digital service product. Virtual tours in a 360° environment, combining aerial and ground shots, provide the perfect surface for showcasing multimedia content. Especially projects defined by space can profit from this enormously versatile asset. It serves to boost social media campaigns, use virtual storytelling throughout your media channels, your website or your app, as well as equip you with a pioneering presentation tool and a VR experience at your trade fair booth.

We accompany you on your journey to the digital forefront.


Take a look at two landmark ViCE360 projects (a pioneer tourism / NGO hybrid and a tour featuring 3D real estate animations). A click will open the live demo in a new tab of your browser. You can find a larger selection of projects further down on this page.

Trailer ViCE360

Watch this 1-minute clip featuring a quick overview of recent ViCE360 projects and the technology’s key benefits. Virtual Content Experience can be a major asset in digital marketing, online sales, booking and ticketing.

A feature-laden virtual power tool

ViCE360 enables you to feature any type of media content in a virtual context. Users can explore this 360° scenario on their own terms – aided by multiple navigation systems, including hotspots and markers, as well as a supermenu. Images, text, video, 3D items or any other media can be embedded into modal windows. This can easily be expanded to direct booking and ticketing, event marketing or integrating products from sponsors and partners. Featuring this via your social media channels, ads or newsletters and integrating the tour on your own website will get you an exceptional campaign tool.

This is a logical step forward, covering all devices, from mobile to VR environment.

Tell engaging


Virtual Storytelling

All Media



Social Media

Passcreator – from our partner company Mediahelden – is a magnificent feature to include in ViCE360. Users and customers can store tickets, coupons as well as membership or store cards on their mobile phone via Apple Wallet & Google Pay! It is entirely customisable to your brand and your needs and can be integrated into any modal window in a ViCE360 tour. This offers plenty of opportunities – also in a social media context – to distribute vouchers or facilitate pre-booking. This works both directly on mobile or when viewing the tour on a PC or Mac.

ViCE360 & Passcreator use case

In this showcase scenario, you can see the four main types of Passcreator mobile wallet cards embedded in a ViCE360 tour. All key functionalities are active here, so go ahead, try it out and add any demo card to your mobile wallet app.

Highlights & Benefits



A versatile asset for your sales and marketing efforts. Virtual content is gaining momentum!



Each tour is individually planned, filmed and programmed. It is tailor-made for your marketing needs.


Perfect Timing

Get ahead of your competitors with a fresh take on 360 technology and content distribution.


Maximum quality

Suitable for all device formats and retina screens. We deliver clean code that works and don't use outdated technologies such as Flash or TYPO3.



The option for Virtual Reality use can easily be included and allow for the tour to be experienced with goggles.


Show everywhere

You can present your project, your company or your production site worldwide and at any time in impressive detail.

Social Media Pirates

Our partners at Social Media Pirates provide excellent insights and a powerful engine for any digital social channel – from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Offering live monitoring and reporting, social media mix strategies and truly efficient online advertising solutions, they are an ideal choice to distribute ViCE360 tours, making use of our product’s interactive features and storytelling hooks, as well as Facebook’s own 360 functionality, which allows to teaser portions of ViCE360 via VFX Callouts and so much more.

Present your


Roll out a virtual


Sales & Booking
Interact &



Scope of application

Tourism marketing and campaigns

Events, festivals, theme parks

Spa centres and golf courses

Universities and institutions

Industry promotion & facility management

Trade fairs & virtual marketing

Projects in the planning phase (3D rendering)

NGO projects & marketing

... any area-defined project


Here’s a larger selection of projects – you can click on each to see the online demo in a new tab.