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Virtual Content Experience

Virtual multimedia scenarios are the digital armour for every company that can define its customer experience visually.

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Flamacon: Touchscreen Promo 2020

What can VCX deliver in the current crisis?

VCX environments provide a high degree of interaction and the ability to present any type of digital media. This can create an array of new marketing options for many industries during the current situation, while also providing a foundation for future efforts. Virtual scenarios can come in the shape of trade show presentations, which can include detailed 3D models and 8k video sales elements; or tourism campaigns, for instance to illustrate the range of activities in niche seasons and encourage early booking.

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Flamacon VCX: Feature Falmouth

VCX in brief

VCX (Virtual Content Experience) is the brand name for our browser-based digital panoramas – a multifaceted, custom-made and highly flexible service product. We create high-quality virtual environments, which can be filled with existing or brand new multimedia content, e-commerce features and social media hooks, to carefully suit the specific client’s needs and market. The result is a comprehensive storytelling product that can be used in many different ways: from campaigns to virtual trade fairs.

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What’s the difference?

The strength of VCX, compared to often auto-generated, regular panorama views, which dominate the market, lies in their outstanding quality and the variety of possible uses. The overwhelming majority of 360​​° views online today are technically outdated and have virtually no synergy with social media and sales. The few high-quality panoramas that are out there, on the other hand, rarely offer any features that make them stand out. VCX is designed to get the most out of this technology and always stay ahead of the status quo.

Standard 360°

  • 360° View
  • HD to 4K Resolution
  • Functional on All Devices
  • Supermenu & Usage Control
  • Contextual Content Placement
  • Multimedia Elements
  • Social Media Interactions
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Full CI Customisation
  • Custom Graphic Elements
  • Target Group Versioning
  • Complete Customer Journey
  • VR and App Versions
Areas of use

E-fairs and virtual trade show presentations

Virtual trade fair presentations can provide significant support for your B2B promotional activities, and not only to mitigate pandemic-related cancellations. They can be used both in place of cancelled events and as valuable supplements to actual trade shows. The VCX scenario comprises a digital copy of the entire show platform (or beyond), making the whole experience – including all information and media – available worldwide.

In the right circumstances, it can even go online exactly when the live event begins. What’s more, we have been working for weeks on new features specifically for virtual-only ‘e-fairs’ that we can implement promptly. These include superstructures in warehouses, virtual sales tours within the panorama environment, as well as comprehensive links between e-commerce and communication. Talk to us about the available options!

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A virtual power tool

The label ‘virtual tour’ is used a lot, but it often refers to products that are neither virtual nor commercially usable and are usually little more than a gimmick. VCX, on the other hand, offers you all the options you need to efficiently integrate tailor-made virtual technologies into your marketing.

Services Overview

All devices

VCX runs on all device formats – from mobiles to touch screens.


Everything is tailored to your CI and integrated into your systems.


Every tour is individually planned, filmed and programmed for you.

VR options

Virtual reality development for use on Oculus Go is an option.

Explore examples

Four VCX projects

Health Tourism

Spa Salzuflen

NGO / Tourism



Falmouth Uni

Investor Project

Quinta do Paço

Basics & Trailer

What can users do within the tour?

Flamacon VCX: Trailer Teaser


All areas of your destinations, resorts or exhibition scenarios can be used to display multimedia content across devices.

Book & Buy

Existing booking and shop systems can be tied in, while offers can be distributed via wallet cards.


Any content can be shared via social media to attract new users and clients.

Areas of use


In the tourism sector, it is becoming vital to break out of the same old established formats and allow detailed, interactive vacation planning. This can create considerable advantages over competitors, but also gives you many additional options, such as addressing specific target groups. It opens up much-needed scope, which can do a lot to strengthen weaker seasonal niches, for instance to compensate for recent peak season losses. Existing booking tools can be integrated directly into the user interface. E-commerce options include digital wallet cards, ticketing, as well as the integration of commercial partners.

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Wallet Cards

With Passcreator wallet cards, users and customers can save any kind of ticket, voucher, membership or customer card on their mobile phone via Apple Wallet or Google Pay. They are fully customisable to your brand and needs, can be integrated into any modal window of a VCX tour and can be used in any device format. This offers a lot of ways to put vouchers into circulation or process bookings in an attractive manner, including via social media.

All basic functions are active in this demo tour. Try it out and add any demo card to your mobile wallet app.

Flamacon VCX: MacBook E-Commerce
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VCX is a custom solution and can be used in a large variety of industries. Talk to us about your sector and your company!

Flamacon VCX: Industrie

Trade Shows, e-Fairs & Virtual Marketing

Tourism, Spa Tourism, Seasonal Campaigns

Regional and City Marketing

Production Plants & Facility Management

Universities and Institutions

Museums, Institutes, Specialised Content

Global Networking & Human Resources

Theme Parks & Festivals

Football Arenas, Sports Parks, Golf Clubs

Getting ahead in the here and now

There is another way to embrace digital presentation between the current conventional forms and full-blown immersive virtual reality. VCX prepares you for the digital future, but offers you a variety of new marketing options that can help you right away.

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Breathtaking options

Flamacon VCX: Lions Zac & Donna

Virtual storytelling

Tell compelling stories. Storylines can be placed anywhere on the digital surface of a tour. Parallel versions with different contents for specific target groups are ideal for dedicated campaigns.

Flamacon VCX: Daymark 3D

Multimedia showcases

Integrate any kind of digital format – from text/image to full HD video or 3D animations and shops. You can even expand showcases to onsite touchscreens, which we can also provide.

Flamacon VCX: iPad Promo

Social Media

Social media can be the bookends of distributing and bundling the contents of your tours. By taking users out of their newsfeed, you get a much longer attention span to work with.

Areas of use


Modern golf club marketing has become a multi-layered task: the increasingly important role of green fee players; the need to attract new groups and generations of players; and the inter-regional approach: golf tourism. VCX scenarios provide a tool that addresses all these challenges. In addition, a whole range of golf-specific features come into play, such as flyover videos, live feeds for tournaments, and pro tips. It all adds up to a very progressive digital approach.

See the showroom

Integrate your tour into any campaign

VCX tours can be integrated at all levels of your digital campaign, but also in brochures and other classic handouts.

Flamacon VCX: Partner Logo

Involving Partners

Involve your existing partners or neighbouring businesses. The same goes for sponsors, who could share or acquire naming rights for the whole VCX tour or individual views.

Flamacon VCX: Online-Shop

Shop Systems

VCX is an excellent virtual stage for your booking systems and online shops. The shopping experience can either be modelled after the physical shop space or designed to match corresponding topics in the tour.

Flamacon VCX: Shutter Promo


Your social media channels can benefit massively from VCX tours, as they create a lot of new content. In addition to features based on individual content or media, you can also set challenges or calls to action.


What are the steps towards a VCX project?
From the first chat to the project launch, things can move forward very quickly if the will is there and key structures are available.

Any time

First contact and discussion of options

Shortly after

Presentation of the project concept and budget discussion

Week 1

Detailed planning, a meeting onsite or at our office in Munich

Week 2

Collection of information and production of content

Week 2

Aerial, ground and interior photography onsite

Week 2-4

Programming and tour creation

Week 4-5

Approval by the client

Week 4-6

Launch of the VCX tour