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Welcome aboard.

Flamacon is a Content Experience agency based in Munich. Our full-service catalogue encompasses marketing, advertising, PR and communications, delivering everything you need to further your visibility on the market, while our ViCE360 productions take brand new approaches in destination development and tourism marketing.

Content Experience

Our Services

As a full-service agency specialising in modern storytelling we offer all the basics, from graphic design to editorial content to everything web and digital. Building on that, we have a wide range of advanced products, such as magazines, corporate book productions, campaigns, social media & website relaunches, etc. The bottom line is: you’re in good hands. The way we are structured and the way we interpret our daily endeavour, you are an A-list customer no matter if you are an international organisation or a local firm, if you need a one-off project or a long-term service. Talk to us – and let’s build quality content experiences together!

Key Services

High-end Technology

Custom-made 360 and VR Environments

Brand new approaches to spatial storytelling – and 360 tours that actually makes sense.

Digital Marketing on all levels

Efficient, user-friendly tools & services

All things web – made to set you apart and work for you.

Content that matters

Professional editing work with substance

Getting your point across is a matter of skill and timing. We'll take care of your knowledge.

Making you look your best

Graphic Design that sets a tone

Go beyond basic presentations and layouts with us. It's time to shine!


Virtual Content Experience

Our custom-made 360 Virtual Content Experience (ViCE360) is a high end digital service product. Virtual tours in a 360° environment, combining aerial and ground shots, provide the perfect surface for showcasing multimedia content. Especially projects defined by space can profit from this enormously versatile asset. It serves to boost social media campaigns, use virtual storytelling throughout your media channels, your website or your app, as well as equip you with a pioneering presentation tool and a VR experience at your trade fair booth.

Trailer Flamacon ViCE360

Why does Content Experience matter?

Good marketing suits your company, project or product to a T, delivering a customised distillation, a precise effort with the right choice of tools, on- and offline. To an alarming degree, this has been replaced by exchangeable formulas in today’s overheated marketing bubble. Thin on content and utterly repetitive in its design and digital imagination, lacklustre in terms of distribution.

It is time to concentrate on substance again – and to make use of the vast possibilities of new technologies. We create campaigns and marketing experiences that your customers and clients can engage with.