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Flamacon is a digital agency focusing on digital transformation, virtual experiences and hybrid events.

We help you get ahead in terms of content and visuals, so your company can successfully get through the difficult business year 2022 and be prepared for the future.


A note on the COVID-19 pandemic: We must face this crisis with great respect and patience. For many companies and marketers, however, it is vital to quickly find and perfect new approaches to doing business – and simultaneously draw conclusions for the post-pandemic period. We are currently experiencing the greatest surge of digital transformation since the topic appeared on the radar, even if the reasons are unpleasant. But there are solutions and products that can help the economy make this transition. Join us for a video conference – we’ll be happy to show you what we can do for you.

Our Pillars

Flamacon VCX: Daymark 3D
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Virtual Worlds (VCX)

Virtual Content Experience is the brand name for our virtual scenarios, for which we create spaces that are either photographed on site or produced digitally. This provides context in which any kind of content can be presented comprehensively.

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Virtual Events (Streamboxy)

Our new event & conference tool is the perfect custom platform for clearly structured, virtual events. Multiple levels and agenda items can even take place in parallel. Multimedia, as well as our VCX presentations, integrate seamlessly.

Flamacon VCX: iPad Promo
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Consultation & Answers

We support you in integrating sophisticated digital and virtual processes and help you avoid non-sustainable quick fixes. In many industries, intelligent solutions are now required that need to deliver immediately – as much as later.

“2022 will still not see a return to trade shows and congresses as we knew them – and where so, only on a very limited scale. Now is the time to look into alternatives.”

Marco Flammang
Managing Partner, Flamacon

We offer powerful service packages

Our extensive product range is tailored precisely to your needs. We accompany you in a swift, sustainable digital transformation and offer solutions that help you tackle the challenges we face today – and those that follow.

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Flamacon VCX: Feature Messe

Virtual product and brand presentations

Virtual events, conferences and workshops

Hybrid industry events and distributor fairs

Pre-sale: concepts and campaigns

Presentation of complex digital content, onboarding and sales

Fair pricing and cost control